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Hello Kitty

ImageIn the past few weeks, I have been debating on what I need to put on this blog. This is the first time I have ever written a blog and feel as though I have nothing meaningful to say. So today I decided I would share some of my creations.  The first creation that I am going to share is my latest creation. Hello Kitty is a classic Sanrio character.

ImageFor years, I have seen some crazy items that were themed with Hello Kitty and now I actually own some Hello Kitty items too. When I first made Hello Kitty, I started with my basic pattern, however, when she was complete, her head was too much of a round shape and too proportional to the body. I had to completely scrap the head and start over. But in the end, I managed to make her look like I she was supposed to. I was able to send Hello Kitty to Arizona recently and hope that she will be loved.


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