All About Me!

I create one-of-a-kind crochet works, hand-made just for you!

This blog will provide the stories behind what inspired me to create each character and the trials and issues that I went through while making it!

My name is Athena, and I have been crocheting for 16 years. When most people think of crochet, they imagine their grandmother’s afghans, potholders, and doilies, but the possibilities for crochet are limitless. Whether it’s dolls, baby blankets, clothing, or amigurumi animals, if it’s crocheted, I love making it!

I welcome custom orders! Please contact me about any crochet ideas you might have. Your consultation is free!

Many of my custom pieces are inspired by favorite anime, TV, movie, or comic book characters. I enjoy figuring out how to turn 2D fan favorites into adorable dolls. Unlike the plastic dolls that roll out of a manufacturing machine in a corporate factory, every single one of my cuddly chibi and amigurumi dolls is hand-stitched with care. I love everything I make—the hardest part isn’t the crochet, it’s letting my creations go!

Do you have a hard-to-buy-for person in your life? Do you know someone who would appreciate a special surprise? Customized crochet items make great gifts! Visit my Etsy ( or send me a message my facebook page (

I challenge you to challenge me! If you can dream it, I can craft it!


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